An American Town without Wi-Fi or Mobile Phones

An American Town without Wi-Fi or Mobile Phones
You might think people all over the United States have (1)______________ service and mobile phones. But there is no (2)_____________ in Green Bank, West Virginia, a tiny town four hours from the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C.
Fewer than 150 people live in Green Bank, which has two churches, an (3)________________ and a public library. It also is home to the largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world.
There is a ban on Wi-Fi -- wireless internet service -- in Green Bank, along with anything else that can create electromagnetic waves. Officials say the waves (4)___________________ with signals the telescope receives.
For many Americans, a visit to Green Bank is a little like returning to the 1950s. To get there, you must (5)________________ -- because there is no GPS service in the town. People can connect with the internet through telephones or Ethernet cables, but wireless service is (6)______________.
Sherry Chestnut (7)_______________ in the town, so the lack of Wi-Fi, texting, and mobile phone service is normal for her.
“We’ve never really had it, so most people would probably say we do it the (8)_________________ way, even though to us it’s not the old-fashioned way -- it’s just the way of living.”
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