Uber Asks NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars

Uber Asks NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars

This is What’s Trending Today…
Flying cars may soon become a (1)______________.
The rideshare service Uber has asked an expert from NASA, the American (2)______________, to help the company develop cars that can fly.
NASA engineer Mark Moore (3)________________ the Uber Elevate project, Bloomberg Technology reported.
The Bloomberg show said the project (4)______________ other businesses that are developing flying vehicles as well.
Last October, Uber (5)____________________ flying vehicles in the future to avoid traffic in and around cities. The company wants to use small, (6)_________________ that could take off and land like a helicopter.
Uber said its flying vehicles would be (7)_______________, cost less to operate and (8)____________________ than helicopters.
Moore has worked at the space agency for 30 years. His research has dealt mainly with vertical (8)_________________ – the kind of vehicle Uber now hopes to develop.
Talk of plans for a flying car made Uber and NASA trending topics on (9)_________________________.
One person in San Francisco wrote on Twitter, “I used to think flying cars was a (10)________________. This morning I sat in SF traffic. I changed my mind.”
Another person tweeted from Mumbai, India: “Reading about Uber (11)___________________ to build flying cars, while I’m stuck in traffic at the legendary Sakinaka signal. There is hope.”

Moore told Bloomberg Technology (12)___________________ there will be several early models of flying cars – with human pilots – within one to three years.
And that’s What’s Trending Today.
I’m Ashley Thompson.

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