My Dream Home

My Dream Home

Useful Expressions
1. My dream home would be located close to a park because a nice view is important to me.
2. Our new house is to be located near the sea.
3. I’ll have a sweet dream when I sleep in a king-size bed.
4. If I have twin brothers, I’ll buy a bunk bed for size bed.
5. Lily lives in a spacious, comfortably furnished flat.
6. How can you beautify your home for less than $50?
7. A new plant will brighten your living room.
8. An animal-shaped rug will make your sofa more attractive.
9. I’d like to spend my entire life in this house.
10. A smoke detecator can make your home safer.
11. Is there cable TV?
12. Susan and Steve need a female au pair to take care of their baby.
13. I’ll do the decorating myself.
14. Is it a kind of geranium?
15. We had a marvellous time at the barbecue party in the garden.
16. We held a party with a buffet on the outdoor deck.
17. Everything will be well-designed.
18. Maria wants to use the fourth bedroom as a guest room.


Do you want to live in a apartment building or in a private home ?

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