1. We ______ each other since we met at Nam's party.
A. didn't see
B. haven't seen
C. don't see
D. not seen

2. How _______ since we _________ school ?
A. have you been / have left
B. were you / left
C. are you / left
D. have you been / left

3. I _________ this room since the last time I _______ here.
A. has painted / were
B. have painted / was
C. had painted / was
D. have painted / have been

4. I ____ durian since I ________ Vietnam.
A. didn't eat / have been
B. haven't eaten / was
C. haven't eaten / were
D. didn't eat / was

5. I ______ you since we _______ a year ago.
A. haven't seen / met
B. didn't see / have met
C. haven't seen / have met
D. didn't see / met

6. Nobody ______ him since then.
A. have seen
B. has seen
C. saw
D. had seen

7. His knowledge ________ since he _______ the habit of reading.
A. develops / got
B. developed / got
C. has developed / got
D. have developed / got

8. He ________ his job last month and since then he _______ out of work.
A. has lost / was
B. had lost / was
C. lost / has been
D. lost / had been

9. I ________ football since I _______ five years old.
A. has played / were
B. played / have been
C. have played / was
D. have played / were

10. Emma ______ Bali since she first ______ it.
A. has loved / has seen
B. loved / has seen
C. has loved / saw
D. loved / saw

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