Luyện nghe VOA: Where Are the World's Tallest and Shortest People?

Where Are the World's Tallest and Shortest People?

The tallest men in the world (1)_______________, while the tallest women come from Latvia.
(2)_________________ from a new British study. It also found that East Timor is (3)__________________ the shortest men on our planet, while the shortest women are in Guatemala.
Scientists from Imperial College of London studied (4)______________ for young adults over the past century. The scientists found that between 1914 and 2014, people in some countries have grown taller while (5)_______________________ in other areas.
The study found that Dutch men now have an (6)______________ of more than 182 centimeters. Among Latvian women, the average height is 170 centimeters. Those numbers (7)_________________ for both countries since 1914.
The question to ask is, why?
Philip Wilkens is from Amsterdam, the largest city in The Netherlands. He thinks (8)___________________ might explain, in part, why Dutch men are so tall.
"Maybe they eat (9)________________? Maybe they eat more bread than other people? We are (10)_______________so we do a lot of sports. Maybe that's why we grow a little faster."
He might (11)__________________. Scientists agree that sport has something to do with how tall a person is.

Silvija Umbrasko is from Riga Stradins University in Latvia.
She says that the height of women (12)_______________ by playing sports and through exercises. She adds that sports such as (13)______________ and even handball help a young person grow “because of the (14)_________________ that are used."

Experts agree that (15)__________________ is important for physical growth. Other studies have explored possible links between a lack of (16)________________ and physical growth. But scientists also add that growth depends mostly on diet and environmental and (17)___________.
Sanda is a tall woman from Latvia’s capital, Riga.
She says, "I'm so used to my height that I don't (18)_______________ it. However, I've heard that guys like tall girls; so it is a good thing."

In 2014, the top 10 tallest nations for men and women were mainly in Europe. Many scientists believe that people in Europe have grown taller in recent years because of (19)___________________.
However, the average height in many African and Middle Eastern nations (20)________________ since 1914. In East Timor, the average man is 160 centimeters tall. Many people also are short in Yemen, Laos, Madagascar and a number of (21)_________________ countries.
The British scientists say that the United States (22)________________ in growth about 20 years ago. In other words, the average of height of (23)____________________ little during that period.
But really, who cares? Is there a good reason for being tall?
According to some earlier studies, the answer could be, yes.
For example, one study explored the relationship between a person’s height and their (24)___________________. American researchers led this investigation. They found that “taller workers receive a (25)_____________ or earnings premium in developing economies.” Their findings were reported in the Journal of Human Capital.
I’m Anna Matteo.

Zlatica Hoke wrote this story for Anna Matteo adapted it for Learning English. The editor was George Grow.

Words in This Story

genetic – adj. of, relating to, or involving genes
plateau – n. a period when something does not increase or advance any further
notable – adj. unusual and worth noticing
premium – n. a high or extra value

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