Luyện Nghe VOA - Yahoo's Mayer Has Huge Compensation Package

Yahoo's Mayer Has Huge Compensation Package

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has a (1)_______________,although her company’s share price has slumped,reports Bloomberg News.
She is the (2)______________ executive of 200 on the Bloomberg Pay Index. Top executives often receive a pay, or (3)_____________ package that includes cash,with options to buy stock in their company, known as “stock options.”
The shares of her company, Yahoo! Inc., (4)_________________ more than nine percent since February 2014. But her stock options (5)______________ $14 million after the stock slide, according to Bloomberg. This is because the options (6)_______________ in 2014 are valued at the company’s share price 15 months earlier.
Stock and options are given to executives to (7)_____________. If the company does well, the stock and options are more valuable. Both Mayer and the other (8)____________ earn more.
Stock options are often tied to (9)________________. But Mayer’s stock option arrangement is unusual.
Only one other CEO in the Bloomberg Pay Index “(10)_______________ such a structure,” wrote Bloomberg.
Alan Johnson is managing director of compensation (11)_____________Johnson Associates. He told Bloomberg that Mayer’s compensation has “been a (12)___________ for her.”
Yahoo hired Mayer to revamp the (13)______________ website company. The stock (14)____________ 123 percent under her leadership. That was partly because Yahoo has a stake, or part, in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., reports Bloomberg.
Mayer has “struggled to show headway (15)_______________ Yahoo’s own business,” reports Bloomberg.
In 2014, Mayer’s total pay, including (16)____________, increased 69 percent to $42 million, according to Yahoo. She received stock valued at about$11.8 million and (17)_______________ at $28.2 million.
(18)_______________ praised her performance in 2014.
“Ms. Mayer provided (19)_____________ overall to the company,” the board said in a statement. “She (20)_______________ the company’s reputation and revitalized the company’s employee base.”
Last week, Yahoo’s board decided not to (21)________________ with a spin-off of its $32 billion stake in Alibaba, according to the New York Times. The stake in Alibaba is Yahoo’s most (22)_______________. Instead, the board announced that Yahoo (23)__________ a spin off of its core Internet business.
Mayer’s leadership of Yahoo has come into question at a time when the company seems to be (24)_______________.
“Yahoo’s core (25)________________ are struggling, even though Ms. Mayer has made (26)_____________ acquisitions, added original video and magazine-style content, and released new apps,” reports the New York Times.
I’m Mary Gotschall.
Mary Gotschall adapted this story from various sources for Learning English. Kathleen Struck was the editor.
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Words in This Story

compensation – n. payment given for doing a job
slump v. to decrease suddenly and by a large amount
motivatev.  to give (someone) a reason for doing something
windfalln. an unexpected amount of money that you get as a gift, prize,etc.
revampv. to make (something) better or like new again
headwayn. to move forward or make progress
reputationn.  the common opinion that people have about someone orsomething : the way in which people think of someone or something
revitalize v. to make (someone or something) active, healthy, or energeticagain

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