Luyện Nghe VOA - Florida is No. 1 for Americans on the Move

Florida is the state where Americans and immigrants choose most (1)_________, shows the latest research.
Population continues to move from north to south in America. Florida is expected to add five million (2)______________ by 2030, according to the state’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research. While Florida is growing, the states of Illinois, Ohio and Michigan have lost the (3)_____________ of residents.   
In 2014, Florida’s population (4)___________ over 108,000people. The largest group packing their bags for the "Sunshine State" are young people (5)______________college.

“Young people generally (6)______________ education or for a job,” said Stefan Rayer, a population specialist at the University of Florida. “[Florida] is very attractive. It has big (7)_______________ areas. It has good job opportunities. That’s why people are moving to Florida.”

Florida’s population grew over 17 percent between 2000 and 2010,according to the U.S. Census (8)_____________. Twenty percent of Florida’s population are (9)____________________, the American Immigration Council reported. Nearly 74 percent of the immigrants are from Latin America.Another 20 percent of foreigners (10)_____________ are from Europe and Asia.
The state’s economy is staying healthy due to the population movement.Latino and Asian immigrants are adding $150 billion (11)_______________ each year.
Other American states that have been named as being (12)________________ were Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina.
I'm Kelly Jean Kelly.
Jim Dresbach wrote this story for Learning English. Kathleen Struck was the editor.
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Words in This Story

demographic – n. the qualities, such as age, sex and income, of a specificgroup of people
metropolitan – adj. relating to a large city and the surrounding cities andtowns
census – n. the official process of counting the number of people in acountry, city or town and collecting information about them

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