1. A: "Thank you. I couldn't have finished my presentation without your help."
B: "___________"

A. Forget about it. I didn't mean so.
B. I highly appreciate what you did.
C. It doesn't matter anyway.
D. Never mind.

2. A: "I'm sorry. I was stuck in a traffic jam."
B: "_________"

A. It's OK. We've just started.
B. Never mind. Thanks.
C. Don't apologize. It's all my fault.
C. My pleasure.

3. A: "Don't worry. I'll wake you up tomorrow."
B: "___________"

A. It's alright. I'll call you up.
B. Thanks anyway.
C. Thanks. It's very kind of you.
D. Thanks for your suggestion.

4. A: "I didn't see you when I came back here yesterday."
B: "_____________"

A. Thank you. I'll finish all my work today.
B. I'm sorry, but I didn't see you here, either.
C. I'm very sorry. My son had an accident yesterday afternoon.
D. Forget about it. It's not your fault.

5. A: "This is really a nice dress. Thanks, Tom."
B. "_______________"

A. Not at all. I'm glad you like it.
B. I apologize for this dress.
C. You're welcome. It was very nice of you.
D. Thanks anyway.

6. A: "Thanks for helping me with my homework, John."
B: "______________"

A. I don't mean so.
B. Please, don't blame yourself.
C. Don't mention it.
D. No harm done.

7. A: "Your speech this morning was just beyond my expectation."
B: "______________"

A. It's OK.
B. Not at all. It was just OK.
C. It was my pleasure.
D. Thanks. Without your help, I couldn't have done it.

8.A: "You're late again, Michael."
B: "___________"

A. Never mind. I stayed up too late last night.
B. I'm so sorry. The traffic was terrible.
C. It's OK. Thanks for telling me.
D. That's alright. It's my fault, anyway.

9.A: "I'm sorry. But I don't know where it is."
B: "__________"

A. Thank you. I'll do it myself.
B. It's OK. Thanks anyway.
C. That's alright. I'm so sorry.
D. I really appreciate it.

10.A: "I'm terribly sorry. I just forgot to call you yesterday."
B: "___________"

A. Never mind. You need to remember next time.
B. You're welcome.
C. It's alright. We can talk about it today.
D. That's OK. I'll remember.

11. A: "Did you send the letter for me yet?"
B: "___________"

A. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll do it right now.
B. Not yet. Don't worry.
C. Thanks. It's alright.
D. Don't worry. No harm done.

12.A: "I'm very sorry for letting you wait for so long."
B: "____________"

A. Don't apologize. I've just arrived.
B. You're welcome.
C. It doesn't matter. Thank you.
D. My pleasure. Don't worry about it.

13. A: "You seemed to be very rude yesterday. What happened?"
B: "____________"

A. Don't apologize it. It's not your fault.
B. Not at all. I just don't remembering anything.
C. Thank you. Yesterday was not very good to me.
D. I'm sorry, but I wasn't very well yesterday.

14. A: "I'm very sorry about the party last night."
B: "____________"

A. You're welcome. They will not blame you.
B. Relax. It's not your fault.
C. Never mind. It's all your fault.
D. Forget about it. Thanks, anyway.

15. A: "This is a souvenir for you. I bought it when I was in Scotland."
B: "______________"

A. Thank you very much. It's so beautiful.
B. My pleasure. It's really nice.
C. Don't mention it. It must have cost a lot.
D. Thanks anyway. I really love it.


1. A: "Relax, Harry. Everything will be alright."
B: "____________"

A. I'm glad you say so.
B. It's OK. I'm proud of you.
C. Thanks, John. But I'm really upset.
D. Thank you. You deserve it.

2. A: "I got 100 for the TOEFL, Dad."
B; "___________"

A. Good for you. Thank you.
B. I'm glad you say so.
C. Well done, son! I'm very proud of you.
D. You can do it.

3. A: "You have done a really good job."
B: "__________"

A. Thanks. How nice of you to say so.
B. Thank you. You really deserve it.
C. Thanks. I'm proud of you.
D. Thank you. It's going to be alright.

4. A: "I've finished all the assignments for this week."
B: "__________"

A. Good job
B. Be confident
C. Good luck
D. Be strong

5. A: "What if I fail the exam tomorrow?"
B: "__________"

A. It's OK. Thanks.
B. Be confident.
C. Not at all. You can make it
D. You can do it. Thanks anyway.

6. A: "You know what?" They just called and offered me the job."
B: "___________"

A. Be strong.
B. It was nothing really.
C. I'm glad you say so.
D. Really? Congratulations.

7. A: "She's accepted my proposal."
B: "___________"

A. Wow! Congratulations.
B. Thanks, but don't worry.
C. What a nice girl!
D. My pleasure.

8. A: "I really like your new car."
B: "_________"

A. Don't mention it.
B. Forget about it.
C. Thank you.
D. Never mind.

9. A: "Your essay was just excellent. You deserved an A+."
B: "___________"

A. That's OK. Take it easy.
B. I believe you can do it.
C. Thanks, sir. I'm glad you like it.
D. Thanks for your suggestion.

10. A: "Your designs look so gorgerous."
B: "__________"

A. Thanks. These are my favorite, too.
B. Never mind. Thanks.
C. Very well done.
D. It doesn't matter.

11. A: "What a beautiful dress!"
B: "_____________"

A. Thank you. I'm very proud of you.
B. Yeah, I think so.
C. It's OK. Thank you.
D. Thanks. I just bought it yesterday.

12. A: "I'm stuck here. I just don't know what to do."
B: "_____________"

A. Take it easy. We'll find out what happened.
B. Good luck.
C. Thanks, but don't mention it.
D. I'm glad you say so.

13. A: "I don't think I can solve this problem."
B: "_____________"

A. That's OK. Try your best.
B. Congratulations.
C. Good for you.
D. Come on! Don't give up.

14. "I'm so upset. Everybody seems to betray me."
B: "____________"

A. Relax. It's not that bad.
B. Yeah. I think you can do it.
C. Oh, I'm sorry.
D. Don't apologize them.

15. A: "I've found out the answer to your question. Is it Mexico?"
B: "___________"

A. How nice of you to say so.
B. You've done a good job.
C. Take it easy. Everything will be fine.
D. Don't give up.

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