1. A: "Would you like a coke?"
B: "__________"

A. I like coke. Thanks.
B. It's OK. I'm proud of you.
C. Yes, please. But just a small one.
D. No, I wouldn't.

2. A: "How about coming to my English class tonight?"
B: "________"

A. Sounds like fun! What time?
B. English is my favorite subject.
C. Don't worry. Thanks.
D. Thanks. But what's the problem ?

3. A: "Do you want to join us for a cup of coffee after work?"
B: "________"

A. Sounds good, but I can do it myself.
B. Sorry, but I have to finish my presentation for tomorrow.
C. No problem. What's wrong with the coffee ?
D. Thanks. You can make it.

4. A: "Would you like me to send this package for you?"
B: "________"

A. That would be nice. Any problems ?
B. Yes, please, if you don't mind.
C. I'm sorry, but here you are.
D. No, thanks. I'm really busy.

5. A: "I wonder if you would like to come to my house for dinner next Saturday."
B: "________"

A. Sure, but I'd rather not.
B. Yes, please.
C. Thanks. You're very nice.
D. I'd love to, but I have another appointment.

6. A: "Do you want some chicken?"
B: "_________"

A. I don't like chicken. they're very noisy.
B. That's OK. I can do it myself.
C. No, thanks. I've just had a hamburger.
D. Yes, please. Here you are.

7. A: "Let me wash the vegetable wile you are preparing the meat."
B: "__________"

A. Good idea. I'll do it for you.
B. No problem.
C. Yes, please. But I can manage.
D. OK. Thank you very much.

8. A: "Would you please tell her that I'm waiting for her call?"
B: "_________"

A. Sure. I'll tell her to call you.
B. OK. Can you call her back?
C. No problem. What time do you call her?
D. Yes, I would call you about her.

9. A: "Can you give me a hand on this?"
B: "_________"

A. I have only two hands.
B. No. My hands are busy now.
C. Uh, sorry, but I'm busy at the moment.
D. No, I can't. I'm not very busy.

10. A: "Will you do me a favor?"
B: :___________"

A. What's a favor ? I don't have any.
B. Sure. What can I do for you?
C. No, thanks anyway. I have enough favor.
D. OK, but I'm busy now.

11. A: "Let me make you something to drink."
B: "_________"

A. No. That's very kind of you.
B. Please. I'm really thirsty.
C. Thanks, but I don't think I can.
D. Sorry, but I'd rather not.

12. A: "Would you mind searching for this information for me?"
B. "_________"

A. Well. I'd really like to help you, but I need to finish my assignments.
B. Yes, I'll do it right now.
C. Good idea. What information do you need ?
D. Yes. Just put it there.

13. A: "Can you go buy some potatoes and carrots? We've run out of them."
B: "_________"

A. Sure. Where and when?
B. OK. I'll be right back.
C. No, thanks. I don't like vegetable.
D. Sounds good. I'm a vegetarian.

14. A: "Do you want me to make the table now?"
B: "____________"

A. Sure, but I can do it myself.
B. That's OK. I can manage.
C. No. The table is a mess.
D. Thank you. You deserve it.

15. A: "Can I help you?"
B. "__________"

A. Yes, please. What can I do for you?
B. Sound good. I'm looking for a pair of shoes for my daughters.
C. No, thanks. I just look around.
D. I'd rather not. Thanks anyway.

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