Question 1: If I ________ to the store later, I’ll get you some milk.
A. will go    
B. went      
C. go            
D. was going

Question 2: If I’m tired in evenings, ____________.
A. I went to bed early
B. I go to bed early.
C. I’d go to bed early
D. I’d have gone to bed early

Question 3: Don’t forget to ring me if ______ any changes in the
A. they are
B. it will be
C. there are
D. there will be

Question 4: If you _______ very tired, shall we go to the concert
A. didn’t feel
B. aren’t feeling
C. won’t feel
D. hadn’t feel

Question 5: As a rule you shouldn’t argue with your hosts unless
they ______somthing openly offensive.
A. had said
B. will say
C. have said
D. would say

Question 6: If I ______ hear from Nigel, I’ll tell him you were asking
after him.
A. happened
B. should happen to
C. should to
D. will happen to

Question 7: Study harder _____.
A. if you will pass the exam.
B. and you pass the exam.
C. unless you pass the exam.
D. or you won’t pass the exam.

Question 8: If services are increased, taxes _____.
A. probably go up
B. will probably go up.
C. probably went up
D. going up probably.

Question 9: What _____ if there _____ a serious nuclear accident ?
A. will happen - was
B. happens - were
C. would happen - were
D. would happen - had been

Question 10: If all the ice in glaciers and ice sheets _____, the sea
level _____ by about 80 meters.
A. were melted - can rise
B. has melted - has risen
C. melts - could have risen
D. melted - would rise

Question 11: If some endangered species ___in zoos, it ___ to ensure
there future survival.
A. had been kept - helped
B. will be kept - has helped
C. are kept - could have been
D.were kept - would help

Question 12: If I were you, I ___ a car and have a look around the
A. hired
B. will hire
C. would hire
D. could have hired

Question 13: “What is the matter with Tim and Sarah?” “They said
that if the business continued to do so badly they ___ sell the house.
A. had to
B. would have
C. would have to
D. would be

Question 14: ”Are you going to buy it or not?” “If it ___ so expensive,
I would.”
A. were
B. wern’t
C. hadn’t been
D. isn’t

Question 15: “Why do you have to get a train to work?” “If I didn’t
live so far away, I _____ to.”
A. wouldn’t have
B. didn’t have.
C. hadn’t had
D. wouldn’t have had

Question 16: “Why don’t we ask Michael to chair the meeting?”
“Suppose ___ to ask him, do you think he would accept?”
A. were we
B. we were
C. we had been
D. had we been

Question 17: If I could speak Spanish, I ____ next year studying in
A. will spend
B. had spent
C. would spend
D. would have spent

Question 18: ____ so aggressive, we’d get on much better.
A. She was not
B. Had she not
C. Were not she
D. If she weren’t

Question 19: I ____ down your number if I _____ right now. Can you
call me back in half an hour.
A. could be writing - am not driving
B. would write - weren’t driving
B. were writing - wouldn’t drive
D. had written - hadn’t been driving

Question 20: I don’t know you were asleep. Otherwise, I ____ so
much noise when I came in.
A. didn’t make
B. wouldn’t have made
C. won’t make
D. don’t make

Question 21: I took a taxi to the hotel but the traffic was very heavy.
It _____ quicker if I_______.
A. would be - walked
B. would be - had walked
C. would have been - had walked
D. was - walked

Question 22: “I thought you would get here much easier.” “I know.
We _____ it without flight ____ almost two hours late.”
A. could make - taking off
B. would have made - took it off
C. must have made - taking off
D. could have made - taking off

Question 23: ____ to the last Christmas party, she ____, but nobody
invited her.
A. Had she been invited - would have come
B. If she had been invited - would come
C. If she had invited - would come
D. Had she invited - would have come

Question 24: If he had tried his best, he ______ accepted to that
A. would have
B. would have been
C. would be
D. would had been

Question 25: I would have cooked something special if I ___ you
were coming.
A. knew
B. known
C. have known
D. had known

Question 26: The French hikers wo were lost in the jungle _____ for
seven weeks if they ____ turtle meat and river water.
A. wouldn’t servive - hadn’t been consuming
B. aren’t able to servive - didn’t consume
C. couldn’t have survice - hadn’t consumed
D. didn’t servive - wouldn’t be consuming

Question 27: If I _____ you were going to the post office, I would
have asked you to buy me some stamps.
A. knew
B. have known
C. had known
D. know

Question 28: Susan would never have talked to you again if you____.
A. didn’t apologize
B. hadn’t apologized
C. wouldn’t have apologized
D. haven’t apologized

Question 29: If we _____ the flight, our holidays wouldn't have been
A. hadn’t missed
B. didn’t miss
C. haven’t missed
D. don’t miss

Question 30: If I had finish a course on computer programming.
I would have a better salary now.

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