Question 31: If we had more time last week, we would certainly have
finished the project on time.
Đ/A: had => had had.
Question 32: Were you to win a huge sum of money, what would
you have bought.
Đ/A: have bought => buy
Question 33Had the teacher realized that the students couldn’t
understand him, he would speak louder.
Đ/A: would speak => would have spoken 
Question 34: If they took their language lessons seriously, they would
be able to communicate with the locals now.
Đ/A: took => had taken 
Question 35: The guests could have had their lunch outside if it
weren’t so cold.
Đ/A: hadn't been 
Question 36: What would you have done five years ago if you won a
million dollars?
Đ/A: won => had won 
Question 37If not his father’s help, Bill couldn’t have repaired the
Đ/A: If not => Without
Question 38: If Lucy’s car ____ down, she would be here by now.
A. didn’t break
B. hadn’t broken
C. wouldn’t have broken
D. doesn’t break
Question 39: If I had listened to my parents, I ____ at this job now.
A. don’t have to work
B. am not working
C. wouldn’t be working
D. wouldn’t have worked

Question 40: If he ____ as honest as you believe, he wouldn’t have
done that.
A. would be
B. were
C. have been
D. would have been

Question 41: If you _____ to my advice in the first place, you wouldn't be in this mess right now.
A. listen
B. had listened
C. will listen
D. listened

Question 42: If I had taken his advice, I _______ rich now.
A. would have been
B. would be
C. am
D. will be

Question 43: If you hadn't lost the pieces, we ______ a game of chess.
A. couldn't have had
B. can't have
C. may have
D. could have

Question 44: _______ of economic cycles been helpful in predicting turning points in cycles, they would have been used more consistently.
A. Psychological theories
B. Psychological theories have
C. Had psychological theories
D. Psychological have theories

Question 45: "I'm surprised no one tried to help Mary.' "____ us sooner, we might have been able to do something."
A. Having asked
B. Asking
C. Had she asked
D. She had asked

Question 46: ____, we would have to put off the visit to Marble Mountains.
A. Did it rain tomorrow
B. Should it rain tomorrow
C. Were it to rain tomorrow
D. Had it rained tomorrow

Question 47: _____, any employee be ill, they must call the office to inform their head of department.
A. Were
B. Should
C. Had
D. If

Question 48: _____ advised on what and how to prepare for the interview, he might have got the job.
A. If he had
B. Unless he had been
C. Had he been
D. Were he to be

Question 49: _____ you to be offered that job, would you have to move to another city ?
A. Should
B. Were
C. Had
D. Provided that
Question 50: “What would you do in my place?” “Were ____ treated
like that, I would complain to the manager.”
A. I to had been
B. I to be
C. I have been
D. to I be

Question 51: ___ the government fall, the stock market will crash.
A. Had
B. Provided
C. In case
D. Should

Question 52: ____ we invested in telecommunication industry, we
would be rich by now.
A. Were
B. Should
C. Will
D. Had

Question 53: The book would have been perfect ____ the ending.
A. it hadn’t been for          B. hadn’t it been for
C. it had not been for         D. had it not been for

Question 54: George wouldn’t have met Mary ____ to his brother’s
graduation party.
A. had he not gone                B. had not he gone
C. if he has not gone             D. if he shouldn’t have gone

Question 55: ___ be needed, the water basin would need to be
A. Hydroelectric power should                     B. When hydroelectric power
C. Hydroelectric power                                 D. Should hydroelectric power
Question 56: You can stay here ____ you keep things in order.
A. as long as              B. until               C. because             D. so

Question 57: She will be ill ____.
A. unless she takes a few days’ rest
B. provided she takes a few days‘ rest
C. in case she takes a few days’ rest
D. if she takes a few days rest

Question 58: John feels that he owes a lot to his father, without
whose support he ____ up his own business.
A.wasn‘t setting
B.couldn’t have set
C.hadn’t set
D.shouldn’t have set

Question 59: Some scientists say that is it still not too late to
minimize the effects of climate change ___ enough money and effort
are invested in correct projects.
A. so that            B. in case           C. even if             D. provided that

Question 60: Now I know we were just too tired. Even with your
help, we ____ it.
A. shouldn’t finish
B. wouldn’t have finished
C. wouldn’t be able to finished
D. wouldn’t finish


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